Vox Coach Vocal Workout

Price: £25.00

So, what do you get for your money? The Voxcoach vocal workout consists of two folders containing all the mp3's that you need.

The first folder contains all the lessons where I demonstrate how to do each exercise and what you're trying to achieve. I give an explanation of the exercise and then apply it to a real world example and demonstrate how to do it.

The second folder contains all the exercises in their entirety. You can play them on any compatible device such as a smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop or mp3 player and sing along with the accompaniment.

The workout is in audio format and is designed so that you can do it while doing something else eg. The washing up or while exercising or driving. It's no different to singing along with the car radio. You don't have to find any extra time to do the workout or sit and watch a series of videos; you can do it on the go!

The Raa ooh Raa ooh

The Ngoowaahh

The Bub bub wah

Always be humming